DJ OldsKool

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   Do a little dance, make a little love…. If you lived through the 1970’s and ’80’s and experienced all the frenetic energy that characterized the club scene and block parties of that era, you will never forget it. If you are too young, you have probably heard about it because you love music and you are visiting this website looking for a DJ.

   DJOldsKoolThe new kid on the block here at the SelfExpressionCenter, OldsKool began DJing later in life but his love of music lives on. He began listening to and admiring studio jocks on AM radio as a teenager. DJ’s like Wolfman Jack, the Hound, and Arnie Woo Woo Ginsberg. He knows the rep from Doo-Wop through early House Music with a specialty in Disco beats. Upgrading his skills from spinning vinyl disks, OldsKool has now learned the latest digital techniques to mix and blend your favorite grooves.

   Classic car show? OldsKool is your man. Polish up that ’57 Chevy and we’ll listen to The Skyliners. Reunion? Turn back the clock to 1963 and practice your dirty dancing. Everybody shout now! Saturday night fever? Iron up a polyester shirt, get out the gold chains and get ready to dance your azz off. Good times/ these are the good times. Even if you were born after 1984, consider giving DJOldsKool a shout. You might be surprised.