Mac’s   DJ   Course


  • Mac's DJ Course
  •    This course will introduce the basics of Djing whether you want to perform for a live audience or just want to have fun in your bedroom. Djing involves a strong love for music, timing and creativity. So you if you love music and you can count, your well on your way! I will help you prepare for your next live event by giving you tips on the “does and don’ts” on DJing.

    Course Instructor:

    DJ Mac
    (617) 818-2542

By the end of the course students will learn techniques such as:

  • Basic Scratching
  • Sampling
  • Hot cueing
  • Blending, Mixing, Remixing and Mash-ups.
  • Record and Create your own mix and more…

Leave with a CD of your own creative mix!
Here are brief descriptions of the various techniques you will learn during your sessions:

  • Cueing
    Learning how to start from different parts of the record.
  • Blending
    Putting 2 songs together to play in harmony.
  • Scratching
    A Commonly used turntable technique rubbing the record back and forth creating a unique sound that defines DJing culture.
  • Looping
    Looping is used to repeat song in bars that can be used in sampling or used to create a part of a composition to your own creative mix!
  • Sampling
    Sampling is the art of taking sounds from a different song and build a brand new song from it. In other words, musical origami!

See you in Class! And Dont forget to bring your headphones!